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Streamline Menus for the Holidays

The holidays are huge for the restaurant business. Folks are going out to eat to celebrate, on their shopping trips, on their road trips, to be with family, to get away from family. They’re meeting friends and co-workers for drinks.

You’ll likely see an uptick in customer counts and your average check. Those are two great things to look forward to! While you’re getting ready to serve up some holiday cheer… consider streamlined menu of seasonal specials designed for quick service and profitability. Where to start?

  • Seasonal flavors (easy to upsell when folks are craving these flavors during the holidays)

  • Items that can be prepared quickly by your culinary team (helps with table turns)

  • Dishes that you can charge a premium price for (helps with average check)

  • Dishes with a low food cost (helps with profitability)

  • Ingredients or dishes that you’ve been carrying on inventory

Get your plan together so that you’re ready for Black Friday and the weeks leading up to Christmas and into the New Year. It’s not enough though to just write the menu. You’ll want to train your team, get the menus printed, update your website and talk about it frequently on your social media channels.

(Holiday) Cheers!