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Consistent Imaging for Your Restaurant

Restaurant owners and chefs word really hard on menus. When you’re in the food business, you know that consistency in portion size, ingredients and packaging are central to success. For one, you’re able to monitor your food cost and margins. For two, you’re providing your guests with a consistent experience from one visit to the next.

The same attention to consistency holds true for the imaging that you use to market and promote your restaurant… inside and out. Soft focus Instagram pictures of perfect plates tell a delicious story. Are your guests seeing and feeling the same type of image on your website? Your printed menus? 

Standards are important for fonts, colors, logo usage and how you portray your restaurant. Digitally speaking your website and social media accounts should have the same look and feel. Your printed menus or menu boards should do the same. In other words, what your customers see on the “outside” should mirror what they see on the “inside.” That consistency will set a tone and expectation for current and future guests.

When you’re an independent restaurant owner or operator, it can be difficult to get your arms around it all. With nearly 2 decades of working with franchises, branded concepts and developing internal brands, we can help Milwaukee area restaurants get a handle on it. Drop us a note.